You are active joobseeker. Using all advices which You find on the all possible guides. However stil nothing. Money and options ends, next bills are waiting. Situation is bad. Friends, posts on the Internet, articles, are overflowing good energy, motivation, power to work and changes. You immersion in this all and You are trying desperatly  grasp that sourounding happines. For a short period You did it. Yet, the next day is much more overhelming beacuse you realize that Your problems not dissapeard, also  nobody call to You again. What is worse, You waste time for worries, and didn’t get off the ground. Even though You are trying simle outside, inside is hidden grim, depressed person.

Prepare: chair, colored highlighters, paper cards, drowing pin, tape, blanket.

  1. Describe your problems/check your bills. Next put them (together with your bills)  from the most important to the less important.
  2. For every problem, bill create solution with three or more option and put name the persons who can help You. Remeber about deadline and don’t give up. You must find solutions!
  3.  Collect solutions in the same order as Your problmes (from the most important to the less important)
  4. Fasten solution by tape or drowing pin to wall
  5. Take the blanket
  6. Stand on the chair and throw the blanket to Your problems.
  7. Once again look to Your solutions and consider what more You can add, what You can improve
  8. Every day fasten small paper cards with own feelings, actions and so on

Do this right now! Not tomorrow, not mornig. Now!

By this excersies Your problems will not disappear  miracoulously. Neverthless allow You look from another, more objective perspective. Nobody will do everything for You. Overcome fear that You can’t do this!  You can do it! Look only for Your solution! So let’s do it!



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