The time of Job Fairs has arrived. Undoubtedly you must good prepare themself to this important event in your jobseeker’s  period. You have unique opportunity meet face to face with Employers and presents own person on the best way . Thus in which way would You to be remembered by them?  What You should take care?

Below the most imporant things with whom You must face up:

  • Personal Brand. Find balance between casual and formal dres code. Take care of enough amount CV. Job Fairs isn’t good place to print them. Do not offer copy Your CV from own pendrive. You are obligate to have paper version, send documents to businnes email or register on Employer’s website.
  • Cleanlinnes. One of most important element Your Personal Brand. All Your documents put in document sleeve. You avoid embarassing situation while you give this documents of the Employers. Futher more take care about phisicall cleanlinnes. Fresh hair, clean hands and fresh breath improve comfort Your conversation. Nobody  contact with You after event when You will be sloppy or drunk.
  • Area Recognition. Get as many as possible information about the participant Job Fairs: what the company doing? what kind of job she offers? where is own headquaters? This knowledge will help You find the most important companies for You . Prepare question which making sure in Your future choise.
  • Gadgets. Do not start and end own  conversation : Can I take the gadgets? – of course it’s nice to have some interesting things. Companies produce some gadgets  accurate for this event and it is for the people. But do not try focus only for what kind of things I want to. It’s very impolite when You behave like collectors who grab most of gadgets and looking for more. If You want something just take withouth any explanation. Consider also if You need so many leaflet. It’s pity when You throw out leaflet to trashbin right outside the door.
  • Respect. Don’t  build own personnal brand by accusing somebody: I register but nobody contact with me, your money are funny. Never know when You will need this work even though the salary don’t satisfy You. Remember: don’t violate personal space by looking to bags, phone or computer.
  • Help. Be on Job Fairs personally. Nobody as You can tell about details Your work, describe Your skills  or confirm language skills. Employer can think that your mother, friends,wife and son, depends more on the job than You. If You can’t appear personally request about contact to person who can describe work with conditions.
  • Punctuality. If You appear earlier don’t disturb and don’t block the entrance. Let them chance to comfortable preparation. Respect their time too.  When You appear ten minutes before close  You lose not only chance to meet all Employers, but also opportunity to calm interview.


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